Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
How often are you brazenly, brutally honest with your friends? How do you react when a partner wants to spend a Friday night without you? Do you abandon solo interests when you get into a relationship? How would your relationships change if you suspended the rules temporarily — long enough for you and your partner to decide for yourselves what freedom in love could look like?
Venus, planet of relationships, personal values, and money, is the queen of this week, but she’s keeping it cool. Normally, Venus transits get us wanting to spend quality one-on-one time with our favorite humans. With Venus in detached Aquarius until this coming Saturday, though, her M.O. is decidedly more egalitarian. An Aquarian Venus still loves love, but she cares about friendship as much as romance and assumes her partners belong first and foremost to themselves. Venus in Aquarius doesn’t play games because she believes honesty will do a better job of getting her what she wants.
During these last days of Venus in Aquarius (aka, until she moves on to Pisces next week), we will have a few big opportunities to follow her ultra laid back example. The week begins with an exhilarating meet-up between Venus and freedom-seeking Jupiter, setting us in pursuit of more space — and more love — in our relationships. The influence lasts through Friday, infusing us with the bravery to say how we feel, and a yen to spend time with philosophers, world-travelers, and other passionate people who make our world feel grander.
Mid-week is marked by Venus’s friendly collaboration with independent Uranus on the 6th, helping us redesign our relationships according to our individual values and styles. Cookie-cutter interactions — in which you feel as if you're reading off a script — will be too boring to keep up, and you might just have the trickster’s urge to provoke your partner with a radical action. The boat won’t get too rocked, but we can bring a dull spark back to life (or start a new relationship with a spark built in).
Finally, the week ends with love as Venus enters Pisces on Saturday, bringing with it a slow pace and a desire to spend some peaceful downtime alone or with our truest loves.

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