The Couple Who Cosplays Together, Stays Together

Retirement can free up a bit more of your time, giving you an opportunity to do the things you enjoy — and one couple is taking that opportunity to have the time of their lives in the shoes of their favorite characters.
According to Mashable, Steven and Millie Tani, a couple from southern California, have been together for 27 years, and travel around the state to participate in various cosplaying conventions and events.
And they are killing it, if we may say so.
Take, for example, their stellar cosplay of Captain America and Peggy Carter (which they say is the "most popular" amongst their fans):
"Our fan fiction is that Steve survives the arctic crash, he and Peggy got married, and started a family," they told Cosplay in America.
The Tanis declined to reveal their exact respective ages to Mashable, though they said they were both in their 60s. They also told Mashable that they first began cosplaying three years ago, when they were looking for costumes for a Halloween event. They clearly haven't stopped since, and have taken inspiration from their daughter, who has been cosplaying for 10 years.
Though they didn't intend to keep cosplaying, their first costumes, as Ellie and Carl from Up, were a massive success.
"Since we sort of look like Carl and Ellie we decided to try our hand with something simple," the couple told Mashable. "We got a marvelous reaction from guests... and thus began our cosplaying career."
Steven Tani also tells us that while their personal favorite cosplay has been the Captain America costumes, they're generally pretty big Disney fans, since they're often Disneyland-bound as well.
Millie even sews the costumes herself, and given that they're so detailed, it can take up to two months — and it seems as if it's completely worth it.
"We are both basically very shy and introverted individuals, so when people started to ask to take pictures of us in our cosplays, we were first taken aback at the attention we were getting," they told Mashable. "We [also] weren't sure how people would react to us as an older Asian couple...but many have welcomed us and...we are feeling more comfortable and have gained more new friends."
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