Let's Set The Record Straight On Virgos

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
For reasons beyond our understanding, one of the most frequently maligned signs (second only, perhaps, to Gemini), is Virgo. The pure earth mother of the Zodiac has been painted as a meddlesome, nit-picky prude for far too long. In honor of Virgo's solar season, which kicks off today, we'd like to celebrate the positive qualities of this sign — and bust some seriously incorrect myths about it in the process.
Ahead, find out four major misconceptions people hold about Virgos, and discover what really makes them tick.
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They're hyper-critical.

No matter the circumstances, Virgos pay very close attention to details — and they won't hesitate to let you know if they notice that something is out of place. You may think this makes them nit-picky and way too critical, but, believe it or not, they think they're being helpful when they point out minor imperfections. This earth sign is only so particular because they think precision is the key to success (and most Virgos live under the assumption that everyone is trying to be the best at all times). Don't feel the pressure to meet their expectations, but respect that they might hold themselves to different standards.
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They don't know how to have fun.

One of the most sweeping generalizations about Virgos is that they're all uptight and prudish. We're convinced these assumptions are made based on maybe two minutes of interacting with a Virgo, because once you get to know them, most Virgos will reveal a whole new side of their personality — one that's witty and charming. They'll only let their closest friends and loved ones see them behave like this (and they'll never totally abandon their proper attitude), but, thanks in no small part to their ruling planet Mercury, Virgos are capable of having a good time.
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They overthink everything.

Speaking of Virgo's ruling planet, Mercury is also the source of this sign's need to analyze any issue or concern they happen upon. But, rather than dismissing your Virgo friend as a worrier or someone who's too in their head, we recommend coming to them when you have a problem of your own. The same tendency that drives Virgos to overthink their own ideas and feelings also makes them excellent advisors (and friends).
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They're only happy when they're busy.

Your Virgo friend may appear to have an insatiable need to work (and work and work and work...), but, at some point in their lives, all Virgos must learn that their to-do list is not directly linked to their happiness. Members of this sign pride themselves on their task-master tendencies, and, to some extent, those are integral to their personalities. But, many of them abuse their reputation as workhorses, overextending themselves and working tirelessly (rather than efficiently). Gently reminding your friend that they ought to take a day off now and then may be received more warmly than you'd expect.

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