This Woman Came Up With A Hilarious Reminder To Take Her Birth Control

Photographed by Megan Madden.
There are plenty of reasons someone might take the pill: To avoid pregnancy, regulate periods, or control hormones. But remembering to take it every day can be difficult, and it's not unusual to accidentally skip a day or two.
Skipping a pill or taking it at the wrong time of the day, though, can put women who have sex with men at risk of unwanted pregnancy. And it's not uncommon. In one study, 27% of women forgot their pills two days in a row.
So Danish model Louise Cehofski found an effective (and hilarious) way to remind herself. She hooked a package of her birth control to an earring, stuck it in her ear, and posted a photo to Instagram.
"If you, like me, have a bad memory, dont be afraid: its here.. the birth control earring that will keep pregnancy away!!" she wrote on the post. "100% safe 🖇 it's also VEGAN and gluten free."
We get that this is a joke. Birth control earrings aren't real and Cehofski didn't just invent a new fashion craze. But her post raises an important point about birth control and reproductive health.
Oral contraception isn't right for everyone, because some people don't remember to take their pill at the same time every day or would rather not have to remember, but it's still one of the most common forms of birth control used. So taking it every day is important, and setting a reminder might not be a bad idea.

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