This Boyfriend's Valentine's Day Prank Hilariously Failed

Note to all significant others out there who like to pretend Valentine's Day is actually April Fool's Day: Please stop.

It's a lesson Twitter user @jayspiersy learned well yesterday after his girlfriend posted his Valentine's Day prank on Twitter and it went viral. "This boy is getting smacked into 2018 when I see him," @lauramariekerr wrote, posting the screen grabs of a conversation she had with Jay about Valentine's Day.

It started innocently enough, with Jay telling Laura he had a surprise for her and would tell her later when he picked her up. After a push from Laura, though, things spun out of control.

"Remember you were telling about how you loved Paris," he prompted. Understandably thinking he meant they were taking a trip to Paris, Laura freaked out. But then Jay upped the ante. "That's not all...remember we looked up flights to Barcelona?"
That's when Laura really lost it. We're talking an all-caps scream fest. "I AM LITERALLY CRYING," she wrote. "I AM LITERALLY HAVIN HEART PALPS."

But it turns out that Laura and Jay weren't taking an international flight anywhere, just a trip to the Champions League football (aka soccer to those of us in the US) game between Paris SG and Barcelona.

Laura understandably called Jay "a fucking moose" and told him that he'd be spending Valentine's Day alone.

The tweet of their conversation went viral, and as of writing has been retweeted almost 30,000 times. Laura got a lot of backlash from people who think she was being too dramatic, but also some praise for putting Jay in his place. But rest assured, Jay's prank didn't cost him his girlfriend.

The day still ended happily for Laura and Jay. "I love my boyfriend. I am grateful for everything he does. I am lying beside him, happy & in love," Kerr tweeted, and posted a photo hoping for many more Valentine's dates to come.

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