This Kid Recorded Their Dad's Crazy Super Bowl Reactions & It's EVERYTHING

We cannot stop laughing at this. A kid recorded their dad's reactions to the Falcons almost-but-not-quite winning the Super Bowl, and then losing by a hair — and it's pure gold. Found in an Imgur post, the note chronicles all of the dad's emotional ups and downs (and he's clearly a Falcons fan, so we can only imagine the meltdown at the end).

And it's so detailed! This kid has a future in journalism, we tell you. (Or they were just really bored.) "Dad screams 8:49. Dad screams 8:51. Dad screams again 8:51. Dad screams 8:53... Weird commercial 8:56. Dad fights with dog 9:21. Dad does his evil laugh 9:23," writes the faithful Mini-Me.

It continues until... "Dad cries 10:30." The agony! Hopefully Dad had some nachos and beer left to cry into. Read the whole thing for yourself below.
Photo: Imgur.
As a non-sports-watching person who's fairly often around sports-watching people, I can 100% relate. I have no idea what's happening on the screen, so I can only really judge whether it's good by the reactions. They're pounding their fists on the coffee table: Something exciting must be happening. Usually, I get bored really quickly and go make myself a snack, mumbling, "Gooo sports!"

So, we feel you, kid. Next time, just do us a favor and record that evil laugh. You know, for journalism.


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