You Have To See The Hilarious Prank This Mom Pulled On Her Daughter

You haven't truly lived until you have experienced a nap so powerful that you wake up not knowing who you are or what day it is. When 9-year-old Lexi Cramer woke up from one such nap, her mother saw the opportunity for a very well-executed prank.

In a viral video posted to her Facebook page, mom Lindsey Chastain can be seen tricking her daughter into thinking that it was time for school when she woke up from a long nap. Her daughter had just woken up from a nap at 6 p.m., she saw that it was dark outside, and assumed that she slept until morning. So, naturally, her mother took charge and began helping her get ready for school.
"She thought it was morning time because normally it’s dark out when she wakes up," Chastain told Inside Edition. "She started putting on her outfit for the next day. I just played along with it from there."

Chastain helped her daughter brush her hair and even drove her to school, where Lexi noticed that the school was completely empty. We won't spoil the video for you, but we promise you'll want to watch until the end.

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