This Is How One Couple Solved The Eternal Fight Over What To Eat For Dinner

Ah, the age-old question: What should we eat for dinner? It often begets the similarly age-old answer — "It doesn't matter." Or, perhaps worse, it provokes a fight over who gets to choose.

One couple, however, found a pretty genius solution: Leave it in the hands of God. In this case, God just so happens to be a Wheel Of Fortune-style spinning device, with printed-out names of 22 local restaurants to land on.

One-half of the couple posted a photo of the spinner to Reddit on Tuesday, exasperatedly explaining, "because I'm tired of the 'It doesn't matter.'"
The poster also clarified that the "Whiskey" label on the spinner refers to a restaurant called Whiskey Bar, but it does have us thinking that a spinner for drink options wouldn't be too bad, either.

Consider this your inspiration for how to solve the eternal back-and-forth over what to eat. Because if you're going to fight about it constantly, why not turn it into a game?


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