This Gyno Appointment Went South After The Doctor Grabbed The Wrong Bottle

A trip to the Ob/Gyn can leave you with the excitement of an ultrasound and news for a gender-reveal party, but for one Sacramento, CA, couple, it was fodder for a viral video. The Sacramento Bee reports that Rachel and Chris McQueen are expecting their first child on January 24. After a routine ultrasound, Rachel described that her physical exam went awry — and she had to have Chris reenact it in the car.

"The worst thing in OB history just happened to me," Rachel says. "And my sweet husband is going to be here to help me tell the story."

Though the story is told through a fit of giggles, Rachel explains that the ultrasound portion of her visit was fine. When the doctor reached for a bottle of lubricating jelly, however, he accidentally grabbed hand sanitizer, instead. What happened next? "Things get a little heated there in the OB ultrasound room," Rachel describes.
Chris gave a hilarious impression of the ordeal: "'Whoa! Whoa! Whatever you put in there, that’s hot!'" Chris said, also laughing hysterically.

While it was an uncomfortable experience for Rachel, she's doing fine now and has a viral video with over 5 million views to brag about. Plus, there are no hard feelings: "We have laughed from the time that it happened," Rachel said. "I was actually crying in the doctor’s office. The doctor thought I was still in pain, but I just couldn’t breath because I was laughing."
"We love our doctor," Chris added. "It was just a terrible mistake."

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