Amazing Kids Perform Mulan's "Bring Honor To Us All"

Apparently, there's a show on Chinese television that involves children re-enacting scenes from famous movies. We only know that because these kids absolutely crushed a live-action version of "Bring Honor to Us All" from Disney's Mulan. Of course, it's not in English, but we all remember the words to the original. The kid that plays Mulan's grandmother is particularly excellent.
This only serves to remind how ridiculous it is that Hollywood more or less refuses to cast non-white actors in lead roles. Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson are amazing, bankable actors, but we're more or less certain that they're not Asian. So if literal children can be great in a scene from Mulan, why can't movie studios give roles to, like, adults?

(At the risk of being obvious to the point of inanity, don't put white people in stuff that should rightly go to actors of another race.)

Here's a video of the children actors and the animation side-by-side, so you can see just how much they nailed it.

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