This Beauty Collection Is Transporting Us To The 18th Century For Valentine's Day

If you've never heard of domino paper, gather 'round. In the 18th century — back when Marie Antoinette was the talk of the town and Neoclassicism reigned supreme — this thick, chiffon-like paper was the go-to, and was often hand-printed onto books, boxes, and walls. Often, the designs were geometric and colorful, drawn by hand or stencil, and every inch was worthy of a spot on an art enthusiast's wall.

Except, sadly, the craft died down by the 19th century, and getting your hands on domino paper became nearly impossible. So, in an effort to reintroduce it to the modern-day folk, Diptyque tapped Antoinette Poisson, a Parisian atelier specializing in domino paper, to design the packaging for its limited-edition Rosa Mundi Valentine's Day collection. And the green, blossom-centric print is so pretty, it could rival Monet's gardens.

As for the scent of the candles and fragrances in the line, it's predominantly rose — but it's not the powdery iteration you associate with your grandma. Instead, it's soft, fresh, and completely unexpected. Each piece feels like a luxury, but among one of our favorites in the range is the perfumed drawer liner, designed to fit inside your dresser and scent your clothes for months.

For a mini history lesson, take a peek at the full line, which launched today, ahead. Then head over to the Diptyque website to score a domino paper-dressed item for yourself.

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