This Couple Pulled The Most Creative Holiday Prank On Their Neighbors

Photo: Getty Images.
When you're searching for that perfect Christmas tree, what factors do you consider? It needs to be a nice shade of green, have evenly dispersed branches, and an appealing round shape. Oh, it should probably be able to fit in your house, right? That last factor actually wasn't on one Portland-based couple's list of stipulations this holiday season.

Twitter user @aidanswalt recently posted a photo of the massive Christmas tree he picked out this year, and it's gotten a lot of attention. He also tweeted a photo of the tree once it was fully decorated, and you may notice something a tad unusual: the tree top appears to be sticking out of the roof.

According to @aidanswalt's tweets, he and his family cut the 20-foot tree in half, put the bottom half inside the house and the top half on the roof. With both halves of the tree fully decorate, it gives the illusion that the tree had broken through the ceiling of their living room.
It wasn't just Portland neighbors that were impressed by the prank. People all over Twitter and Reddit are reacting to the clever idea. @aidanswalt's photos have been retweeted over 42,000 times, and his tweet was the number one trending post on Reddit yesterday. Forget that perfect tree, we want to copy this idea next Christmas.

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