Jimmy John's Tweeted Something We Can Never Unread

Photo: Mladen Antonov/Getty Images.
Everyone knows you're not supposed to respond to online smack talk. Responding to the haters so often backfires, leaving you looking like the crazy one. Still, if you have a high profile Twitter presence, not responding when people are talking about you can be really, really difficult. The Illinois-based sandwich chain Jimmy John's found this out earlier in the week, and the resulting Tweets will be burned into your psyche for the rest of your life, so brace yourself.

Here's how it went down: Wednesday evening, a Twitter user named @WeNotSocks tweeted about how gross he thinks Jimmy John's subs taste. He got pretty graphic with his opinion.
Whoever was running the official Jimmy John's Twitter account at the time saw this tweet and made the perhaps ill-advised decision to respond. Jimmy John's has since deleted the resulting message, but thanks to other users' diligence, screenshots have been preserved for perpetuity. Here's what JJ's had to say:
When @WeNotSocks saw that the sandwich chain had responded, he was a very good sport about it. Jimmy John's kind of apologized, and the two went their separate ways.
Lucky for us, the Tweets allow us to relive this epic exchange that caused the Twitter-verse to erupt. Not that we need Tweets to remind us. We're never forgetting this one. (FirstWeFeast)

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