Did You Spot This Touching Clue In The Epic Harry Potter Battle?

As long as Harry Potter fans keep rewatching the beloved movies, they'll keep finding new reasons the series will make you cry. The latest discovery? Harry and Neville look up to their dads so much, they unconsciously imitated their fashion sense.
During the battle of Hogwarts, featured in the eighth film, Neville is wearing a bold patterned sweater. The distinctive design looks pretty similar to the sweater vest his dad wears in the old Order of the Phoenix photo Sirius shows Harry in the fifth movie, Bustle has pointed out.
Photo: Everett.
Similarly, during the fight Harry wears duds resembling the ones his dad wears in the picture. It seems like James and his son both favor popped collars and warm layers when they're getting ready to battle the dark lord. The two teens are slipping into their fathers' outfits of choice while also taking up the mantel of challenging Voldemort. Now you officially have a reason for another Harry Potter marathon this weekend. You're welcome.
Photo: Everett.

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