This Is What Steve From Blue's Clues Looks Like 20 Years Later

September 8 marked the 20th anniversary of Blue's Clues, and Blue hasn't aged a day. Steve Burns, on the other hand, is virtually unrecognizable.

BuzzFeed tracked down the Instagram account belonging to Burns, who hosted the Nickelodeon show from 1996 to 2002. No lie: We had no clue this was him.

For starters, Burns has ditched the front-pleat khakis and striped rugby shirt. The 42-year-old musician, who was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2001, thankyouverymuch, now has a Brooklyn hipster style, complete with fresh frames and a Moby-esque vibe. We'd hang out with him.

Have a nose:

This winsome, simpering selfie is lying to you. #notphotoshopped #oldschoolsfx #deceit

A photo posted by Steve Burns (@steveburnsalive) on

I just won #Williamsburg.

A photo posted by Steve Burns (@steveburnsalive) on

Burns also has a new dog companion who is not blue, not animated, and (possibly) not particularly inclined to help kids solve puzzles.
Despite his altered appearance, Burns is still the Steve you know and love. And yes, he's still "so grateful for all your help."


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