Let's All Enjoy Watching J.Lo Having A Blast At An Adele Concert

Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic.
We're constantly being reminded that celebrities are just like us normal folk, but Jennifer Lopez might just make you believe it. It turn out that she, too, becomes weak in the presence of Adele. Tuesday night, J.Lo went to see Adele perform in Los Angeles and something tells me she had a good time. The singer was accompanied by vocal coach to the stars Stevie Mackey, who joined her in Adele standom.

In a video Mackey posted to Instagram, both he and Lopez are seen belting out the words to "Rolling in the Deep" during the show. A very game gentleman can be seen behind the two, trying really hard to make their duet a trio.

It doesn't seem that J.Lo stopped backstage to say hello (Get it? Like the song.) to the songstress, so maybe the rich and famous are just like us. Adele still has three more performances in L.A. before she takes her show on the road, so maybe Lopez will get her chance.

Better luck next time!

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