Here's How To Eat Like An Olympic Triathlete

Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/AP Images.
Training for just one Olympic sport sounds next to impossible. Imagine training for three of them at once — which, by definition, is what triathletes do. All of that preparation requires the right fuel to keep the body, mind, and spirit in the game. Sarah True, an American triathlete, shared a couple of pages out of her food and training diary with Cosmopolitan. This small snapshot from her daily routine provides a peek at how she stays in top condition and it actually looks like an enjoyable menu.

True is prepping for her run, bike, and swim in Rio with simple and delicious-sounding meals. She breaks down her fat-protein-carb ratio: "While I keep my protein and fat intake pretty constant, I increase the amount of carbohydrates I eat to correspond with my training." Coffee isn't off-limits for True and her husband, Ben. They just make sure they're drinking the good stuff. She says they go for higher quality in smaller quantities, whether it's coffee or food.

So, what makes the cut? Things like spelt pancakes with real maple syrup (she does live in New Hamshire, after all!) and protein-packed snacks, like Greek yogurt and peanut butter toast with apples.

Real champions start their day with ginormous pancakes and maple syrup, not with pharmaceuticals. #cleansport

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Local food direct from growers is a priority for True. She wants to know where her food comes from and exactly what type of fuel she is putting into her body. She focuses on food, not pharmaceuticals, tagging her Instagrams with #cleansport.

Bagels aren't off-limits, either. True has even baked her own sourdough-poppy seed version.

Today's baking project: homemade sourdough poppy seed bagels. The Trues ❤️ gluten.

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What's the best news for anyone wanting to incorporate some of True's training diet into their own? Pizza. Whole-wheat crust with sausage. Okay, so there's no cheese, but with all of the other yummy things going on, you might not even miss it.

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