Pixar Just Revealed A Major, Adorable Easter Egg

The most ardent Pixar fans should be shaking their heads right now. Apparently, everyone's been missing a huge Easter egg. Today Pixar released a video that reveals that Hank, a new Finding Dory character, has actually been in all of the studio's movies since 1995. Just how, you might ask, did you miss an octopus in the likes of Inside Out and Ratatouille? Well, naturally, Hank camouflaged himself. And, for the record, Hank is a septopus. He's missing a tentacle.

Important note: Today is April Fools' Day. Regardless, it's a pretty adorable gag, and we only hope that Hank will make appearances in future Pixar films. He can become the new A113.
Meanwhile, you'll get to know Hank, who is voiced by Modern Family's Ed O'Neill, in Finding Dory. In an announcement of the movie's cast and characters yesterday, Pixar described Hank as an "accomplished escape artist with camouflaging capabilities to boot." He and Dory meet at the Marine Life Institute, but he is "after one thing—a ticket on a transport truck to a cozy Cleveland facility where he’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful life of solitude."

Finding Dory comes out in June. Until then, take a look at these ridiculously cute otters that will show up.

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