Forget Deadpool — Ryan Reynolds Is A Real-Life Tooth Fairy

Getting your wisdom teeth pulled is no fun. The surgery is painful and disorienting, and the recovery can suck, too. Now, normally, you'd probably be pissed at your mom for catching your post-surgery meltdown on camera and sharing it with the world on Facebook. But one fan's video, captioned with the hashtags "#ryanreynolds" and "#deadpool," caught a certain someone's eye.

In the clip, Mariah is still recovering from the anesthesia from her surgery — she's very confused, crying and mumbling through the cotton padding her cheeks. Evidently, she is a massive Deadpool fan, and is in shambles thinking that she missed the upcoming Ryan Reynolds vehicle, out Friday. "Deadpool, I didn't see Deadpool," she sobs over and over. Her mom tries to comfort her and tell her she didn't miss the film, as it hasn't even come out yet, but Mariah is inconsolable. It's pretty heartbreaking to watch.


Mariah Boyle after getting her wisdom teeth out. #ryanreynolds #deadpool

Posted by Rita MillerBoyle on Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Video: Via Rita Miller Boyle's Facebook.

But then Ryan Reynolds, being the angelic savior that he is, posted a photo of himself with his cheeks stuffed with cotton, accompanied by the following caption.
"Mariah Boyle, am I the only one who thinks the tooth fairy is a giant fucking stalker? I mean seriously, who leaves two tickets to the Deadpool premiere under your pillow? And by the way, Rita, your breakfast casserole looks divine! Please bring some to New York."
Photo: Via Ryan Reynolds' Facebook.
Rita Miller Boyle commented on Reynolds' photo with a snap of Mariah and a friend grinning ear-to-ear on a plant. They were en route to tonight's NYC premiere of Deadpool.

Photo: Via Ryan Reynold's Facebook.

So, the Tooth Fairy may not be real, but Ryan Reynolds seems happy to fill in. Anyone up for some incredibly painful oral surgery?

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