We're Eating All The Sea Bass & We Need To Stop

Photo: Rex/REX USA
The next time you’re in the mood for seafood, steer clear of sea bass.

According to a new report from the Marine Conservation Society, the popular fish is in danger of becoming extinct from our dinner plates if tighter regulations aren’t enforced – and fast. Sea bass stocks began nosediving in 2010, but even a recent European ban on trawling (scraping the sea floor for catches) hasn’t curbed the demise, The Guardian reports. If EU nations can't abide by an 80 percent cut in sea bass harvesting, a complete ban on sea bass fishing might be the only alternative to save the floundering population.

Our appetites for sea bass aren’t helping matters, either. Since it’s a favorite among fish lovers, netting fewer sea bass means losing valuable profit for the commercial fishing.

“The stock is in rapid decline, and much more needs to be done – and urgently – to prevent this iconic and important fishery from collapsing,” Samuel Stone, fisheries officer with the Marine Conservation Society, wared in the report.

While EU nations continue to hash out how best to save this struggling aquatic resource, consumers can certainly pitch in to the conservation effort. Step one: just say ‘no’ to sea bass.

Besides, we hear Pacific cod is to die for this time of year.


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