Robin Williams' Final Movie Scene Is Devastating To Watch

Photo: Courtesy of Starz Digital
When the world lost the irreplaceable comedic force of nature that was Robin Williams last year, it was impossible not to marvel at the cinematic legacy he left behind. The Academy Award-winning actor starred in beloved classics like Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, Aladdin, Jumanji, Dead Poets Society, Good Morning Vietnam, and Awakenings, just to name a select few. The upcoming drama, Boulevard, will mark the last time we'll see a performance from Williams on the big screen, something that still seems impossible to grasp.

On Tuesday, Entertainment Weekly posted a clip from Boulevard, which was confirmed by the film's director Dito Montiel as "the last scene he filmed." In Boulevard, Williams plays a middle-aged man who finds himself in a complicated relationship with a male prostitute (played by Roberto Aguirre). The heated, minute-long clip features Williams confronting Aguirre about missing an appointment he set up for him, as well as the unhealthy lifestyle he's living. In just one minute we can see all the compassion, frustration, and sadness pouring from Williams' character.

Montiel explained to EW that this scene in particular was a tough one for the cast to get through, and in watching the clip, it's not hard to see why the emotionally-draining scene (which features an angry Aguirre yelling at, and assaulting Williams, in order to make him to leave) would take its toll.

While this will, sadly, be the last on-screen work we see from Williams, and this particularly scene was the last thing he ever shot, it's impossible to say it's the last time we'll see him on our screens. After all, his films are infinitely re-watchable, whether we're in the mood for a laugh (The Birdcage), a cry (What Dreams May Come), or a dose of whimsical childhood nostalgia (Hook).

Boulevard — which looks to be a poignant, challenging, and devastating performance— is technically his final work, but for fans of Robin Williams, his body of work will go on forever. The film will be in limited release in theaters on July 10.

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