Do You Really Think This Is Benedict Cumberbatch's Teen Doppelgänger?

First, there was the internet phenom that is Benedict Cumberbatch. Before seeing the man in Sherlock, any of his award-worthy movies, or even an interview with him, his vast popularity can be slightly baffling. Then, bam! you really GET IT. Now, there is this kid everyone's calling his teen doppelgänger, and we have to say: Calm down, Internet.

Tyler Mitchell, a 16-year-old from Norwich, Norfolk, U.K., has been getting ink about his resemblance to the 38-year-old actor for a little over a year now, though folks in the States are just catching on. He's now got 19,400 followers on his Instagram, and he tells the Telegraph he gets messages all the time about how he should have won the Oscar over Eddie Redmayne. Girls from Russia and Brazil want to come visit him. People say he should star in "Teenlock." You get the picture.

Sure, there are a lot of ways in which we do see the resemblance — the slightly upturned blue eyes, a similar mouth, and long face. 
Photo courtesy PBS
But, that's where it ends. Take a closer look at this kid's Instagram and you'll feel like people got carried away with this whole thing.

Sometimes, it feels like he's trying a little too hard:

Other times, he is very, very obviously just another teenage boy on social media (who probably didn't ask for this fame). He really wants you to admire his baby six-pack and his weird fame hasn't prevented him from posting gross, sexist things about women's periods. He could probably learn a thing or too from feminist Cumberbatch, who remains a helluva lot more humble than his teenage lookalike.       

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