Leaked Spice Girls Songs Prove The '90s Are Alive & Well

The weird '90s resurgence continues on unabated. What were you really doing during that decade? Admit it. This is a safe space. You were listening to the Spice Girls. Forget Portlandia and all that throwback hipster stuff. Sporty, Scary, Posh, and Baby Spice ruled the school.

As if you didn't miss them already, here are four leaked tracks that you've never heard before! It's not that they're secretly recording a new album or anything. These are just demos that didn't cut the mustard to make it onto the third and last Spicy album, Forever.

Put on your headphones and turn it up really loud — like you're back in seventh grade when Mom would get totally annoyed if she heard you blasting your music instead of doing homework — when in reality, you're avoiding your boss and constantly dinging inbox. [Cosmopolitan]


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