So, We're Snorting Chocolate Now?

Oh, delicious chocolate. You can enjoy it in a candy bar, baked into cookies or cakes, warmed up in a savory cup of hot cocoa. And now, thanks to Belgiun chocolatier Dominique Persoone, you can snort it up your nose, using a "chocolate shooter" he originally invented back in 2007 for a couple culinarily (we guess?) adventurous members of the Rolling Stones.

Of his inspiration, Persoon, whose one-of-a-kind invention was modeled after  a device his grandfather used to snort tobacco, says "Life is boring. Let’s have fun ... I'm not a bad boy, not promoting drugs. Not at all. I just want to tease the people." And their tastebuds: He mixes traditional chocolate with bacon, onion, oysters, and even grass, to "pump it up."

Why anyone would want to do that to a perfectly delightful piece of chocolate — and to their nose — we can't exactly say, but far be it for us to question the tastes of one of the best bands of all time.  Watch and learn.


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