Pitch Perfect 2, Green Bay Packers Show Off Their BTS Magic On Super Bowl Sunday

Photo: Rex USA
Elizabeth Banks is kind of a genius. She must know that the key to Pitch Perfect's slow-burn success was the fact that it reached across to fans of all genres — competition/sports movies, gross-out movies, romantic comedies, and yes, college a cappella. For Pitch Perfect 2, she appears to be broadening that base even more, from the looks of the cameo by five Green Bay Packers stars. Just before the Super Bowl, she introduced a clip on NBC sharing behind the scenes footage of the players' time on the set.

"We about to make magic over here," linebacker Clay Matthews announces to the camera in the clip, which Banks tweeted out Sunday afternoon. He's joined by teammates David Bakhtiari, Josh Sitton, T.J. Lang, and Don Barclay in the scene, which appears to take place in some kind of underground a cappella competition MC'd by David Cross. Their song of choice? "Bootylicious," of course.

"I feel pretty," T.J. Lang says while they're in hair and makeup."They were super into it, throwing a lot of winks," Anna Kendrick says in an interview. Into it seems like an understatement. Back in November, when their appearance was first revealed in the trailer, the Packers explained that it was Bakhtiari's superfandom that landed them the unusual gig. 

A lot of social media contact, including with producer/director Banks, made it all happen. “A lot of determination by Dave to set the whole thing up – determination-slash-desperation, because he was at it quite a bit trying to get a hold of the producers to get us in the movie,” Lang said. 
Kendrick told Seth Meyers earlier this month that they weren't just casual admirers of the first PP

"They showed up and they could do the whole finale number back to front. Like knew it inside out," she said.      

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