Reese Witherspoon Needs A Lesson In The Art Of The Delevingne

There's a special kind of anxiety associated with Cara Delevingne that media junkies journalists know too well. How the hell does one spell Delevingne? Sure, the Brit model provides us with constant fodder for stories, but that pesky "n" in the middle of her last name is a copy editor's nightmare. And, just when you think you've mastered the art of the Delevingne in print, you're forced to pronounce it. Good luck with that. And, don't go asking Reese Witherspoon for help, either. Girlfriend doesn't know how.
Delevingne shared two videos (since deleted from her Instagram account) from this year's Met Ball featuring (an inebriated?) Witherspoon trying to say the model's name. "I love you, Cara," Witherspoon drawls in a deep Southern accent, pronouncing her name "Car-uh." Care-uh, Car-uh — you know, same thing. Zooey Deschanel gets in on the fun, tripping over the name with her own special style. Had we been there, we'd have shown 'em just how well a year's worth of Delevingne coverage pays off. Or, we'd have been like Kate Upton in the back, laughing along, trying to join the Cara party. (Vanity Fair)

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