Matthew McConaughey & Woody Harrelson May Not Be Done Blowing Our Minds Just Yet

true_detective_hPhoto: Courtesy of HBO.
If you're like us, you haven't left bed since True Detective's Rust and Cohle rode off into the starry night almost one month ago. Okay, we've actually physically left bed, but our mind's still there. That's why the out-of-nowhere murmurings that Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson might be coming together for a new project is so thrilling. We want to live in a world where we can watch the besties from Texas do things together.
Sources tell Life & Style that McConaughey and Harrelson are in early talks to star in the remake of the cowboy-buddy classic Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. Normally we like to see original ideas in Hollywood as opposed to an endless stream of remakes and reboots, but this is different. This is Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson taking the baton from Robert Redford and Paul Newman. Could there be two worthier successors? We don't think so.
According to the source, McConaughey would play Sundance and Harrelson would play Butch. While the rumored project is still in early development, McConuaghey is reportedly intent on introducing the lovable bandits to a whole new generation of filmgoers. With the Oscar-winning actor's newfound clout, we're going to start lining up now. Please bring us food and blankets. (Life & Style)

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