This Hollywood Assistant's Tell-All Will Make You Grateful For Your Job

1Photo: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
So, we know that being a celebrity's personal assistant isn't exactly a walk in the park. But, we're still taken aback every time a behind-the-scenes account surfaces. Yesterday, The Cut ran a tell-all from an anonymous PA of an anonymous A-list actress that had us thanking our lucky stars we work where we do.
The story starts the way most do: An earnest, young do-gooder is just looking to get her foot in the door of Hollywood. This particular assistant was promised work through the actress' production company, but her actual assignments went way beyond what's professional. Two weeks into the job, she found herself breaking up with her boss' boyfriend for her. Later, she would have to call that same (now ex) boyfriend and warn him to get checked for STDs. She eventually moved in with her boss, which meant her days started at 4 a.m. and consisted of coffee trips, meal preparation, reporting on the day's important news stories, driving her boss' child around, and accompanying the actress to emergency therapy (read: psychic reading) appointments.
What finally did her in? The assistant discovered that her boss had tricked her into carrying drugs across state lines on an airplane. Last we checked, being forced to commit a felony on the job is a definite deal-breaker. With that, the super-secret assistant finally called it quits. Wouldn't you? Head over to The Cut to read the full, juicy story. (The Cut)

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