Naomi Campbell: I Want A Baby, "Whether I Have A Man Or Not"

rexusa_1897357nmPhoto: David Fisher/REX USA.
Naomi Campbell: supermodel, The Face executive producer, Diversity Coalition campaigner, and mother? Possibly, if she gets her way. (And, uh, when doesn't she?) Last week, the fashion icon spoke to Diane von Furstenberg on SiriusXM's Town Hall about her passions and where she feels she is, now, in terms of her master life plan.
When asked by DvF if she is “the woman she wanted to be,” Campbell responded with a resounding “yes.” She went on to say, “I don’t have regrets in my life. I feel we all have our path and we stay on it.”
That said, Campbell's been ruminating on the decision to start a family for quite some time — something so many professionally driven women can relate to. And, when potential parenthood plans first came into question, she seemed to still be weighing her options: “I think I’m at [an] age where I’ve decided, do I want to have a baby? Yes or no?...I’ve spoken about children so many times." And then came the emphatic answer we weren't expecting, "Yes, I do want to have a baby, whether I’m with a man or not. I will have it on my own.”
Cue huge whoops of delight from von Furstenberg — and us! Campbell goes on to explain that she’s currently working on projects she loves, and she feels ready to take on this new layer of responsibility. The entire show broadcasts on March 21, but you can listen to the ladies break it down teaser-style right here. (SiriusXM)

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