This Condom Commercial Is All Kinds Of Awesome

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When it comes to savvy marketing, condom companies don't exactly have the greatest track record. Their commercials are notorious for verging on vulgar — that is when they're not ridiculous euphemism-laden snoozefests. Honestly, considering that we're talking about preventing not only unwanted pregnancy but life-ruining disease as well, you'd think condom manufacturers would be a little better at pitching their product.
So, we were definitely happy to see this cute little clip from a condom company called L. Titled "A Call To Good Men," the ad has pretty much everything you could possibly want, such as men showering outdoors, men holding platters of antioxidant-rich raw vegetables, and men putting bandages on injured puppies. The product sounds pretty great as well: L. condoms are made of high-quality natural latex, they're free of glycerin and parabens (which can cause irritation), and they're purified to minimize that gross plastic condom smell.
Maybe the best part, though, is L.'s business model. Founded by a former photographer who saw the effects of the AIDS epidemic in Africa firsthand, the company donates a condom to a developing country for every condom sold.
Watch below — if you're not sold yet, that puppy thing just might do it.

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