Wondrous New Cat Discovered In Nepal

cat2Photo: NTNC-ACAP/SLC.
This has been a very joyous day for us. First, we hear that two of our most-beloved tween stars are maybe getting married. Then, our friends at The Dodo tell us that a surprising and adorable feline has been found in the Himalayan mountains. What's next, Chipotle signs up for Seamless delivery? (Cough, cough).
Anywho, this creature — discovered by one Bikram Shrestha, who was sneakily watching snow leopards with night vision cameras — appears to be the already-discovered Pallas's Cat. So, not an entirely new species to humankind, but still a new species in Nepal, according to The Snow Leopard Conservancy. As told on the Conservancy's website, "until these images were taken, presence of the Pallas’s cat in Nepal was never suspected or even thought about. In fact, there isn’t even a Nepali word for this species of cat." The Pallas's Cat is also a threatened species, and should therefore be treasured all the more, not that we will have any problem treasuring it given the fluffiness of its personage.
Clearly, this matter will require further examination. We would like to take this time to formally volunteer ourselves to inspect this feline's susceptibility to petting, cuddling, and snacks. Don't thank us. 'Tis but for the love of science.
Read more over on The Dodo. It's adorable.
cat1Photo: NTNC-ACAP/SLC.

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