Is Your Mattress Sabotaging Your Sleep?

Out of everything in your life that is constantly competing for your attention, your mattress is most likely not anywhere near the top of your list. We get it. Even if you're sleeping on a glorified lump of sharp metal covered in (stained?) white satin, just the idea of picking out a replacement is enough to drain the color from the most ambitious of faces. After all, mattresses are insanely expensive, not to mention a nightmare to transport from the inevitably inconveniently located store to your fourth-floor walkup. And, how in the world do you know you're picking the right one? The pressure of choosing an option that is both comfortable for you (and your significant other!) as well as avoids giving you back problems seems like a pipe dream.
So, why should your mattress be of major concern? According to the Huffington Post, that lump you sleep on every night could be causing you some very real sleep issues.
Click over to The Huffington Post for the full breakdown.

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