Which City Is Most Likely To Break Your Heart?

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You probably feel that when it comes to dating, your city is just the worst. That's it, you've decided. You're moving to a place where people are nicer and relationships exist under more sane conditions. So, where are you gonna go, Miss Grass Is Always Greener? Before you pack your bags, a new study from CreditDonkey has outlined the top 10 cities most likely to leave you heartbroken.
According to the study, Chicago is the worst place to be if you're trying to avoid a broken heart, followed closely by Miami and New York City. How exactly did CreditDonkey determine this? It looked at several key resources: length of marriages, the 2012 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, the number of local dating services, and, of course, the cases of gonorrhea per capita. The national average of marriage length is about 19.4 years, and Chicago exceeds that at 21.3 years. But, with 16 dating services, an 87 on the well-being index, and 150.5 cases of gonorrhea per 100,000 people, it's also the city that CreditDonkey says is most likely to give you a pretty terrible love life.
This is obviously an odd study. We're not entirely sure that STDs and length of marriage indicate the overall character of a city. But, it's certainly interesting to see how long marriages last in each place. Maybe a follow-up study could include things like the city's choices of cuisine and nightlife venues? Those are pretty clutch when it comes to dating. (Elite Daily)

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