The ONLY Face Mask You Need This Winter

There are skin-care products that work their magic over time, and then there's the Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask that will have you looking better by breakfast — really! Now, we're not suggesting you ditch all those amazing serums and treatment products you've been using (good things really do come to those who wait), but if you are in need of a serious skin saver, this is it.
Unlike a traditional mask, you leave this baby on overnight in lieu of a moisturizer. But, don't worry. It doesn't feel any different from your go-to night cream (promise!). There's no creepy opaque color to freak out your S.O., it won't stain your pillowcase, and it doesn't get all tight and stiff. Next, it's time to get some beauty sleep.
Walnut extract works to create a layer of moisture on top of the skin (crucial if your skin is extra-dry) to increase optimal absorption of key ingredients like purifying acutelobed angelica extract, antioxidant-infused pomegranate extract, and redness-diffusing mulberry extract. Now, here's where the fun really starts: You'll wake up to a drastically renewed complexion that's hydrated, smoothed, and downright glowing. And, along with soothing winter skin, it also does a killer job if you partied a little too hard the night before — not that we're speaking from experience...
As an added bonus, if you use SOVM as frequently as we do (at least three times a week), hyaluronic acid helps to promote long-term hydration. We have a feeling you're going to have the same love affair, so don't feel bad if you have to temporarily break up with your moisturizer. One look in the mirror and you'll forget all about it.
Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask, $50, available at Sulwhasoo.

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