If The Cast Of Girls Were American Girl Dolls

1Photo: Courtesy of BuzzFeed.
Raise your hand if you were obsessed with American Girl dolls as a child. Come on now, don't be shy. There's no shame in nostalgic memories of Samantha, Molly, and the gang. So, to channel that childhood charm, BuzzFeed has combined the best of today with the best of yesteryear. That's right — the cast of Girls as American Girl dolls. Even the tagline is genius: "Meet your new friends who are almost getting it kind of together."
There's a Jessa, Marnie, Hannah, and Shoshanna doll for every fan of the show, and each gal has her own backstory, personality, and fitting wardrobe. Hannah rocks acid-wash jean shorts and a thrifted top, and even comes with her own mesh tank to change into! Mini Shoshanna carries around DVDs of her favorite show (Sex & The City, duh), and Jessa doodles on her very own paint set. It's just like the American Girl days of yore, only with more shattered hopes and dreams and less confidence. What more could you want? Head over to BuzzFeed to check out these stylin' ladies. (BuzzFeed)

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