Why The Cold Could Be Good For Your Health

embedPhoto: Image Source/REX USA.
If you're living in an area severely affected by the polar vortex, we feel your pain. And, while there is a lot of focus on the dangerous side effects such as frostbite, hypothermia, and depression (seasonal affective disorder), the Huffington Post reported on seven ways the cold may actually be good for you — go figure!
Considering the only great thing we've seen come out of these conditions is hot water turning into snow (pretty rad if you haven't tried it yet), this is pretty exciting news. For starters, research suggests that you don't need warm temps to get into a good mood — just sun. So, take advantage of those bright days by pulling up your blinds if it's too cold for a quick jaunt outside. Also, you need not worry about joint pain due to the severe climate change. The drop in temperature is said to reduce inflammation in the body — especially if you have an injury like a sprained ankle. Oh, and get this: The chilly weather may actually burn calories. Just don't stay outside too long trying to get results. Check out the rest of the frigid facts here. (Huffington Post)

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