Beyond Fast: 6 More Paul Walker Classics

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The news of Paul Walker's untimely death last night came as a huge shock, to say the least. It seems like all too recently we were trying to wrap our heads around the passing of late and great Cory Monteith. And, now, we're once again trying to deal with the harsh reality of someone so young, and with so much potential, dying so suddenly.
For many, Walker will be remembered through his role in The Fast & The Furious. And, honestly, we can't blame them. The series is thoroughly enjoyable in its no-holds-barred way, and we've definitely been known to line up outside theaters at obscene hours to catch the latest installment. Walker's body of work, though, encompasses a lot more — including some '90s classics that are campy as all get out, in the best way possible.
Hit the next page to look back on a few of his greatest moments as an actor. But, before you do that, may we suggest reading up on Reach Out Worldwide. Walker was on his way to an event supporting the charity he founded in 2010, which provides relief for victims of natural disasters like Typhoon Haiyan, when he was killed in a car accident along with his longtime friend Roger Rodus. We can't think of a better way to commemorate Walker's memory than helping to spread awareness of a cause he cared about.
You can read more about ROWW on its website, or donate here.
She's All That
Freddie Prinze, Jr., may have been everyone's favorite bad-guy-gone-good, but no high school rom-com is complete without a resident jerk. Walker played the part just jerkily enough — and totally made you love him for it.
What we wouldn't have done back in the day to sit across from a classic cutie like Walker in a diner while he delivered ridiculously sugar-coated lines like that.
Meet the Deedles
Does anyone else remember this movie? Walker's kinda the quintessence of the weird '90s surfer dude stock character.
Varsity Blues
What a glorious entrance. Nobody wears a backwards cap like that anymore, and honestly, nobody could.
The Skulls
The fact that he could get into a character with a name like Caleb Mandrake and play it without a hint of irony is pretty impressive. Walker always seemed like such an earnest guy, and a really nice one, too, despite his frequent casting in typical bad-guy roles.
His last film, Hours, tells the story of a man who has to protect his premature infant daughter through the chaos of Hurricane Katrina. It's due to premiere in theaters on December 13.

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