Lady Gaga & Her Grill Go Full ARTPOP On Us In New Video

Well, Lady Gaga did something today. Aside from, you know, waking up, she debuted a new video that's meant to promote her third LP, ARTPOP. And, by "meant," we really mean we're still scratching our heads wondering what the heck we just watched.
Don't get us wrong here, it's a pretty film. This entire Inez & Vinoodh x Lady Gaga collaboration that's been going on for the entire run of ARTPOP's promotion has been grade-A-quality stuff. That four-part cover for V's September issue? Stunning — nipple pasties and all. Strange, Lady Gaga, and Inez & Vinoodh go together seamlessly, but this video is just so abstract.
If we're meant to believe that we're going to automatically assume that by covering herself in moss, she's saying she represents the north, and north symbolizes the North Star, so therefore, she's a guiding light, honey's got another thing coming. We can appreciate a good visual all day, any day, but you can count on some serious eye-rolling if you throw in all-too-obviously deep symbolism.
At the same time, however, this is pop and it's deliciously packaged. Eye candy wins this time (and every time). You'll catch us "analyzing" this for a while.

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