Lady Gaga Goes Hard On Newly Leaked Song, "Swine"

Let the leaks begin. With just about a fortnight away from Lady Gaga's ARTPOP official release date, the songs are likely to start surfacing. The first one, aside from last August's "Aura," has finally made its way on to the web.
"Swine," the heavy-hitting EDM track Gaga performed at this year's iTunes Festival is here. The song recounts the hardships, glass ceilings, and degradations she had to endure on her rise to the top. The man, in this case, is a pig. Her and DJ White Shadow created a filthy beat for a song about a filthy human being. To say it's an aggressive performance would be an understatement. She's combined rock vocals with dark electronic beats that might not be too radio friendly, but is definitely ripe for nocturnal dance-hall hours.
Now this might not be the official-album version (some argue it's a remix), but this is definitely more than a demo version; aside from some odd vocal synths before the chorus, it's pretty darn polished. If you didn't know ARTPOP was coming, you sure as hell do now.

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