Hack Your Brain: Read 10% To 30% Faster With This Simple Trick

apple-ipad-mini-prPhoto: Courtesy Of Apple.
We're always looking for apps and tools to help us to lead more productive, more efficient lives. Well, this Chrome extension promises to speed up our reading by 10% and 30%, all by simply changing the color of the text.
Install BeeLine reader and the extension will create alternating lines of colored text. Each line will be treated by a gradient of colors, moving from light to dark as your eyes move left to right. By making each line a different color, your brain is in a better position to target your place in the text — taming the frequency of "line transition errors" (accidentally skipping a line or rereading a line).
It's an odd experience — you really can "feel" your eyes being pushed from line to line. The developers claim that the technique works even better on your mobile devices, which tend to have shorter lines. But, don't take our word for it. You can take an online quiz to see if you're better suited to boring, ol' black-and-white or if the brave new world of candy-colored text is for you. (The Verge)

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