Jen Aniston Addresses Questions About Kids With Humor

Let's face it: Sometimes reporters can ask some inappropriate, overly personal questions. Take Jennifer Aniston, for example — as a (gasp!) single woman of a (gasp!) certain age, she's constantly subjected to probing queries about her love life, marital plans, and reproductive desires. And, sure, we understand this comes with the territory of a public life, but we're never okay with anyone, reporter or not, judging a woman for choices she's made on personal matters like marriage and children. Luckily, Jen's a total pro, and fends off these questions like a boss — which has reminded us even more why we love her.
As part of her press tour for her new flick We're The Millers, she's been taking tons of interviews that inevitably weave the movie's fake family plotline into her own childless status. But, instead of getting angry or annoyed (the natural reaction), Jen took the opportunity to point out what the rest of us unmarried and childless ladies already know: That a family doesn't have to mean 2.2 children and a husband. "My friends and my partner are truly my family," said Aniston. "I surround myself with my amazing work, my amazing friends, my amazing partner, my beautiful dogs."
Amen, sister. And, Jen also took time to wax poetic on the media's obsession with women seemingly cranking out the kids. "I didn’t realize you could place orders," she joked. "I honestly didn't realize it was like a drive-through, that you could talk to a little electronic voice." Whether she's made the informed decision never to have her own children, or whether it just hasn't happened for her yet (an option she seemingly alluded to with the latter statement), we want Aniston to know that we love her either way. And we're giving her major props for handling it all with grace and humor. (People)
oPhoto: Via People

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