China Has Figured Out The Secret To Internet Gold

PANDA-EMBEDPhoto: Courtesy of iPanda.
Editorial teams around the world have been trying understand for years exactly what makes for strong online content — must there be GIFs? Should every story include a lolcat of some kind? Should we just all quit our jobs and let Reddit handle things from here on out? The answer to all those questions is "no," but China has just figured out the solution: pandas.
But not just pandas. More pandas. Pandas all the time. Pandas on your computer screen, on your phone, pandas burned into your retinas, forever and ever. In short, a 24-hour panda cam called iPanda that delivers you hi-res footage of 80 giant pandas at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (we want to go to there).
Now, we may be inclined to be overjoyed by this. But The Atlantic points out that a panda cam is symbolic of many problems with the panda-breeding system in China, which is meant to be a conservation effort, but doesn't exactly fulfill that role. Whether you click on this link to read more about that, or the above link to see more pictures of pandas, will probably determine how you fare come judgment day. The choice is yours... (Fast Company)

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