You're About To Feel REALLY Guilty About Skipping Brekkie

Hands up: Who can’t stomach a bowl of cereal in the morning? No judgement, we all feel like that sometimes. In the rush to get showered, dressed, and out the door in the morning, sometimes eating is the last thing on our minds. But, spare a thought for your health the U.K. economy as this very simple act of non-eating is harming it, to the tune of £300 million a year.
A survey conducted by Weetabix On the Go (the clue's in the title) reveals that on average, 82 minutes are lost per person, per day due to low productivity levels caused by lack of breakfast eating. London workers are even worse than the national average, admitting to skipping breakfast twice a week, resulting in an increased 101 minutes of wasted time per working day.
While it must be said that these results are incredibly useful in marketing Weetabix’s new range of portable food products, it does also make us think about our own morning eating habits. It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to fix up a bowl of porridge or toast a slice of bread and mash avocado all over it. In fact, we're suddenly seeing it as our civic duty to eat before we go to work. No one wants a triple-dip recession now, do they? (The Daily Mail)
Photo: Via The Daily Mail

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