This Is Why You Never Mess With Naomi Campbell

In your daily update on Naomi Campbell's real-life soap opera, Page Six reports that the supermodel is ruthlessly trying to ruin the modeling career of Luo Zilin, her ex man's new squeeze. Rumor has it she's been calling in favors and throwing a variety of hissy fits, leading MIX Model Management to drop Zilin at a moment that was, some say, suspiciously close to the time she started dating billionaire Vladimir Doronin.
While we don't doubt the extent of Naomi Campbell's power, there are also plenty of sources who say none of it is true, and that Zilin was dismissed because of poor work ethic alone. That said, the same source added that “this isn’t easy for Naomi. This relationship seems almost designed to hurt her. She is trying hard to keep a brave face and not to think about it.” While we wouldn't put it past Campbell, it does seem like a lot of effort to stop a career that hasn't shown many signs of taking off, much less threatening one of the world's most famous faces — so, for now, stay tuned. (Page Six via Fashionista)
Photo: Via Fashionista.

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