The Disturbing Anatomy Of A Disney Princess

Perhaps inspired by recent (though ongoing for years) discussions about the real-life problems with Barbie's body, deviantART sketcher Ocean Starlet explored the anatomy of cartoon Disney princesses with a couple of revealing infographics. By examining the silhouette of Jasmine and others, she compared shapes with a "normal" woman's body (as much as we dislike the use of that word, you see what she's getting at, right?). From bigger heads and tinier waists, it goes without saying that Disney princesses are firmly anchored in fantasy land.
Of course, Disney princesses are cartoons. Cartoons are often meant to be exaggerated, and though there are infinite styles and varying levels of realism, that often means figures (both male, female, animal, and human) evoke a certain personality on-screen, even if they don't correspond with the reality of life. But perhaps Disney takes it too far and, thus, reinforces not-so-subtle ideas about the perfect female body?
Things get interesting when the artist compares a traditional Disney body with the rendition of a fellow deviantART user's own "Disney princess," Marina, who is around thirty and has a decidedly more relatable frame than the standard set.
As you can see, Marina has a whole lot of attitude. But does that 'tude get diminished when she goes on the Disney diet? And overall, is this issue worth getting mad about? You tell us.
Images: Courtesy of Ocean Starlet/deviantART; Courtesy of Disney.

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