Oh Good. Now You Can See The Smartest & Sexiest Colleges In The U.S.

We don't know about you, but when we were struggling through the gargantuan process of deciding where to spend our four college years, we had but one factor at play: Which university would make us the most attractive according to DateMySchool? (Insert an audible eye-roll here.)
Though, to be fair, this Buzzfeed created infographic doesn't just have good-looking co-eds, it also cross-references each school's "hot" factor with how well the school has ranked on the Forbes' academic rankings. Therefore, a prospective freshman can see how cute and intelligent the student body is! Finally.
There are, of course, a myriad of issues with this graph — among them being the inherent issue with college rankings in the first place (how does one really quantify a decent academic experience? Or more importantly, how does one qualify "hotness"?). Furthermore, why are we consistently drawn to these types of rankings? (Let's be honest: Who isn't going to scroll to see where they rank on this list? We certainly did.) Check out the top 10 below.
10. Carnegie Mellon
9. University of Virginia
8. Harvard University
7. Boston University
6. Boston College
5. Columbia University
4. University Of Pennsylvania
3. Princeton University
2. Dartmouth College
1. Brown University
Well, at least, the graph allows for the possibility that a student body can be both intelligent and good-looking. That's a start. (Buzzfeed)
Photo: Courtesy of Dartmouth.

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