Birth Control: A Basic Human Right, According To The United Nations

In joyous news for women everywhere, the United Nations has declared family planning (which includes education about and access to modern contraceptives) a human right in the Population Fund's annual report:
"Recent statistics show that 867 million women of childbearing age in developing countries have a need for modern contraceptives. Of that total, 645 million have access to them. But a staggering 222 million still do not. This is inexcusable. Family planning is a human right. It must therefore be available to all who want it. But clearly this right has not yet been extended to all, especially in the poorest countries."
The UN has long been an outspoken supporter of birth control, but this is still a bold statement and one that's sure to affect politics here in America. What are your thoughts on this issue? Did the UN make the right call, or should they leave this issue up to individual nations? (Buzzfeed)
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