What Twitterers To Follow This Fashion Week

Whether you experience NYFW from a computer desk or via quick glances at a Blackberry while sprinting between shows, there's one website (besides ours, of course) we'll all have on-call 24/7. Twitter, obviously! From breaking news in the tents to buzzed models drunk tweeting, Twitter will be overrun with reasons to stay tuned until the 16th. We've rounded up the best names to follow to take you from the front row to the open bar.
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Editors & Publicists

They may be seated next to underage blogging critics and A-list celebs meant to decorate the front row, but there is something cosmically right about checking in with the editors and publicists, if you want to know exactly what you need to know about the shows.

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With the grand era of blogging over-emphasized in the industry lately, it's good to remember there are well-oiled machines out there that bring consistent fashion coverage and house teams of style-seeking missiles, all of whom descend upon runway shows and report back to you! Follow the most engaging and reliable publications and websites, so you won't miss the main course.

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Tracking the stress levels of designers before and during NYFW is as insider-y as it gets! But there are also snarky comments, adorable attempts at twitpic-ing in terrible lighting, and details you probably didn't want to know about the creative minds behind the spring collections.

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As a new season arrives and the shock/horror/thrill of young consumers with HTML skills attending fashion week exponentially fades, the blogger caravan rolls in once more. Some of them know what's up, some of them... well, they've got plenty of growing years to get it right. But you can be sure the ones we've listed are worth following.

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The extra-long boys and girls who get as close as it gets to the fit and feel of Fashion Week (not to mention aesthetically pleasing work-related BFF's) are not to be discounted for their 140 character contributions! Twitter reveals the shining personalities of our favorite runway-blazers.

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Party Monsters

In case you need to know what so-and-so is drinking, wearing, or dancing to this week, there are a few stylish wild things whose twitter feeds are bound to be ripe with glimpses of Gotham City nightlife. From It-girls to DJs, their trail will be a crazy one to track.

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The all-access pass holders who capture the moments we're desperately trying to experience vicariously via twitter are no exception to the trend. In touch with fashion and out to expose the scene from their own unique viewpoint, photographers are some of the most exciting tweeters out there!

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Everybody has something to say about NYFW, and so does Kanye. Entertainment's kings and queens with the financial capacity to treat a runway like their own personal QVC don't bother making comments to the camera anymore. They simply log in and have at it (so you can have it!).

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We can't leave ourselves out of this list, can we? The R29 staff specializes in both killer wit and twitter-addiction—and in the case of Mr. Newton, twitpic photos that might as well be framed! In the midst of NYFW madness, we snatch interviews with stars, tweet photos of our paint jobs, and post the kind of updates our readers devour for breakfast.


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