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How I Found Self-Love In 5 Days

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Self-love is such an underrated concept. It seems easy for us to love our family, our friends, our pets. We spread gratitude and affection to so many others throughout the course of our lives, but we often forget to share that attention and warmth with ourselves.

Of course, self-love is not always an easy thing to understand or achieve. It's not like a new lipstick, or even a new relationship, will magically make you love and appreciate yourself. In my experience, genuine self-love grows and accumulates over time when I actively take care of and appreciate myself, and do things that support my growth, both physically and spiritually.

This week, I spent five days loving myself. From meditation and journaling to eating pizza, I made an effort to truly show myself that I care. To start, I made a list of things I love to do, and then I simply took the time to do those things. By enjoying the things I love, I was, in turn, loving myself. Watch the video above to learn about my experience, and tell me: What would be on your self-love activity list?

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Refinery29's Lifestyle Host, Lucie Fink, dives headfirst into social experiments, 5 days at a time. Manhattan's very own Millennial survivor-woman is willing to try it all and see what she learns along the way -- testing her mental and physical strengths. New to the city, she is asked to shut off her cell phone for the following work week and then spend a limited $50 the next. Do you know how much the subway costs now-a-days? It's time to watch and learn with Lucie.

How To Practice Self-Love And Be Good To Yourself Released on January 27, 2017