This Is Our Jam: Soko, "I Thought I Was An Alien"

Soko’s new video for “I Thought I Was An Alien” tells the story of a young couple as they fall in love. They wander the streets of Los Angeles’s Echo Park, bathed in warmth and sunlight. The couple visits the beach, dances together, makes love in the afternoon, and stares deeply into each other’s eyes — it’s wistfully nostalgic, in the rose-colored way everyone feels when remembering the birth of a new relationship.
Filmed by visionary director Spike Jonze on an iPhone, and directed beautifully by the French actress/singer Soko herself, it’s the kind of story everyone can relate. Oh, except one of them is an actual alien, so there’s that, too. (Nowness)
Soko—I Thought I Was An Alien
"I Thought I Was An Alien"
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